First Trip in Taipei

My first trip overseas happened in Taipei, Taiwan during on December 13th to December 25th, 2012. It was not a good trip ever! But I am not saying that Taiwan is bad but Good.. I went there by myself with my hopeless and disappointed. But I was still want to be there with my little faith that maybe, I will see my friend there in Taiwan..But I always told myself that “No way” because this friend didn’t want me to come to Taiwan last time.

Anyways, we finally met at the first night I arrived in Taipei! Praise the Lord! He is so good..

We hung out together almost everyday; we went to many places whether we went to many famous places in Taipei, went to the beach and hot springs in Hualien, mountian climbing and another hot springs before the day I leave. Taiwan has many beautiful places to visit and people are nice! And I loved when my friend gave me “XOXO” LOL!

What did I like the most ?? Oh, I love the free water at Nangang Station..very delicious! I love NongLove, I love Nong Hope, I love mommy Sumi, I love Grandma and I love Nangang Station! because I had a very good memory there when I first met my friend..and I love Bannan Line!

This is just a short story..but ya, just want to thank God about this trip. Awesome God!

Bless y’all!


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