All this time

29 Mar
Brit Nicole – All this time – Radio Live | Posted by OfficialFavor

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It’s been a month not updating my website.! Wow! There were many things going on in my life, but needed to get through it.. It was very hard..and still.. but gotta fight! 🙂

Hope you enjoy this song! Peace!!

Even though you feel like you have no one..but know that God is always with you–you are not alone.

Today today you wanna run away now
You break try to keep it together, love
Love is all you need, you’re a queen but you’ve never know it.

Cuz Life has come and left you blinded
Stole your smile, left you crying
It’s not your fault, but shame is all you’ve got now.

Your heart is tangled up in silence
It’s time to let go and feel the light
I know it’s easier to hide but you gotta let go
And feel the light, let go and feel the light

Be brave, brave the waters all around you
I’ll stay I’ll keep you from sinking down
(Love) Love is on your side, it’s stronger then you’ll ever know

So many years of quiet, building up like a fire inside
Feeling like you gotta let it out now, just let it out

How did you get here, your locked inside of all this fear
Inside your crying out your mind’s at war
Get out, get out and live for more
There’s so much more, live for more

Brave, brave waters all around you
I’ll stay, I’ll keep you from sinking down.


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      2012/07/14 at 10:05 PM

      Thanks for visiting.! 🙂


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